Friday, 7 June 2013

Singing, dancing, swirling, stirling
Their bodies entwined
Skins are touching
Share the warmth they're keeping
Lashes blinking
Unstoppable racing
Breath they're taking
Mouth that usually rattling
Locked themselves on each
Lips are dancing
On others as dance stage
Their eyes is a dance ball
Shines on each other
Swimming deep to the soul
Looking down under
Finding similarities, Hades
He's smiling
Happy how his seed is working
There he laughing
With venus on his side
Doing the same thing
Outside the devils laughing.

Friday, 31 May 2013

It's been a while since my last post..
A while?? Umm..maybe longer.
Today let's talk about my new job. For you who knew me for ages -might've notice my likings in arts and decoration. And i've already discuss about my previous job as art director and now, a copywriter.
But I still have and will always have my passion in art. So that takes me to this..err..things that I do recently.
I'm proud to announce that im in artistic's team now. I took a break from my previous agency..what makes me do that?health and work ethics. Long story..but I'll take another round in agencies,in hope finally I'll find my own place where I belong.

Anyhoo.. another reason is that I can join this team..and I am thrilled to be part of it.
Many of you might've thought that there's no pride and advantage to be involved in artistic. But it's just depends on what you love to do. If you think that splattered with paint, decorating or even recreating room is sexy,then being an artistic is your right path. But don't forget due to redecorate, you need to be a weightligter..and sometimes a maid.

It's exhausting, indeed. Especially for those whom need to stand by on the set until early in the morning. Exhausting and for some productions, boring. But I think its much more better to have job where you can move your body quite often rather than just sit in front of your computer (almost) nonstop for 8 hours and in some case, 48hours. Dude, we're not a zombies or vampires (though I wish I were!) who can stay still and stiffs for days without a break.

It will be different if you have your spare time to do some exercise or just work out a little bit. Let your blood and veins get those nutrition and stimulation they needed to make your brain and body works properly..

It's such an rare things to have those kind of moments. Or maybe its just me.

Sooo..since now I've experienced a new kind of tasks I'm happy to let you know that I am happy. And I wish that I could still doing all of the things that I love. Artsy bitch, creative thinkers, crafter and writer..and soon (i hope) travelers.

Good Day!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

uhm.. let's start with the word most people avoid: LOVE.
As I've warned you before, this story didn't have the happy ending. And Yes, LOVE meets unhappy ending equals.. broken heart.

That might sound so lame. Not to forget so Emo. But that's how i feel. Thank God it's not yet a suicidal mission. But just lame depressed bat, wandering aimlessly seeking for something that is crush and lost.

You know, Love isn't about SEX. That's lust. what physical true love meant are just cuddling, snuggle, hugs, kiss, and looking to each other with those devoted eyes that envy everyone around. You don't need to show PDA when you can show them that much of devotion and love. Well, that's enough.

Then, this gets so complicated. Because once you love someone, and get that love in return.. most of the time.. you didn't realize how much you have that someone until their gone. So, lesson learned?

Not yet? here's some resume to make it bit easier:

Do not love them too much (especially to you girls, this will makes him go away or cheating on you!) And dudes, if you hesitate, or in doubt.. do tell your woman. They will getting mad (most of them cause woman also have those high ego like you do.) at first.. but they will understand. And if she really loves you, she will (or wont) do stuffs you dislike/like.

Dudes, really.. if you say you love her, trust her. treat her the way she want to be treated. And ladies, trust him. do not over think what he said. because that's what he said.

The end.

soo.. i'll go write something sad, because i'm so down now.. :'(
But before that, let me entertain you with this fox i made yesterday.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hi, again.
Now I want to tell a bit about ads industry. For some, it might be pain in the ass.. with the politics, drama and.. highly demanding clients. And yes, it should stress you up so much. Mashing your head and you just want to bang it hard to the wall. But, all and all.. all you need is just someone who acts like a trigger to you. Turning the dead bulb on your head that quick is all you need. And that's why you need a leader.. a role model.

All fields, every person all need role model. Whether you realized, wanted, wished.. or not. Maybe because all of us are looking up to someone else when we were just a child. To our mother, sister, father, brother, any family member that close to you.. even your imaginary friends!

But again, when you have the passion to do anything. No matter what, it will be such a pleasant feelings in your head and mind. *mind me head and mind are different things*

One of my friends once told me, 'K, why it's like you never work? But you've done it all. Why it like you never take anything so serious, you never get really stressed out?' and i just smiled.
Those questions leads me to many years ago. When I saw my mother came home with eyes popping, wrinkles, and exhausted face. Hell, she looks really ugly. Thou she's actually super cute and nice. But when it comes to work, when she got home or had a fight or any else.. she looks different. And who wants that?

So what ever you did, do..or done. try to enjoy it. How? look for a trigger. because without it, no one can lit your dead bulb. You can't have anything. Ideas, motivations.. or... even you could lost your passion.

My notes: takes everything as your playground. Tell your boss; 'please, let me do mistakes so I could learn from it. And be much better than before' and do have fun. if you work hard, play hard too! And it doesn't even mean that you have to waste your money having vacation abroad, or splurge into a non sense indulgence that you regrets after.. as simple as go to next town, stay in a motel or family's residence, turn off you blackberry, mail, etc. eat something decent for your tummy and tongue, read books, call a long-way-no see- friends, have a deep laugh conversations, and sleep nicely. *that goes well for me.

so go do what you love, then you'll love what you do! without pressures.. well, a bit might not goes wrong, and be inspired every single time you blink, you breath, you hear.


Monday, 6 February 2012

hey.. i've found this on my old sent item. I guess I works this out when I'm on a chaos working on my final project. And it's still raw and rough.. i'm not a very good vector artist thou. :)
but I appreciate my own works so much. It shows my progress, so I know which one I'm good at, and which one I should throw away and not showing this to anyone.

The story is about the bretel..I love to draw him so much. So when I drew myself.. it'll look more goofy than when I have to draw him (or anyone else). So I guess I have to make myself an inspiration to me. Then.. hope will inspired people around me.
enough of the yada's.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

You know.. it's so sucks if you just wrote (or typed) anything but it's all dissappear. Argh.

Anyone who read my posts.. Pleaseee.. pleasee.. wish me luck. I need all the luck because I want to move out so bad.

Well, here's the thing. You know something you want so bad once you've seen it, right?
That happens to me. Just like I want those vamplets dolls. I want to work with this cool Group Head lady and hillariously funny Creative Director. But as usual.. I might be not that good. I just finger-crossing my hands all the time and pray. This reactions happens because my parents are so thrilled that I've got interviewed there. And from the cool me (yeah, cool I am) to the nervous me. Aaand.. few of my friends might know it well.. every single time I'm this nervous, I felt a strange jolt in my tummy that makes me throw up. (in spite of my bad condition tummy.. yes, I've got this maag thingy). I hate to wait.. the longer I wait the more frantic I became.

But hey, If I'm not good enough to join that team there, maybe I belong to somewhere else. Somewhere I didn't know and somewhere I never heard of. (aand.. what makes it better Kay?? Duh.)

Anyhoo.. Pleaseeee.. wish me luck. Love love love love

Ps: Here's the Vamplets that I adore..